Laser Therapy


New to WIlson Veterinary Group is the K Laser whic is a Class 4 laser which can achieve very good results in aiding dogs and cats with arthritis and with infections.

The K Laser can help with a wide range of conditions including Osteoarthritis and joint pain, tendon an dligament sprains, Muscle strains, burns, infected wounds, gingivitis and pharyngitis problems in cats, traumatic injuries and otitis externa as well aid aiding faster recovery from a wide range of surgical procedures.

The K Laser has been widely used in America since 2002 on both pets and people.

Cost is £25.00 per session which can involve multiple joints or a block of 5 sessions for £100.00.

A typical arthritis treatment plan would involve 3 sessions in the first week and 2 in the second week with addiotional treatments as required which may be every 1-2 weeks but should get out to an interval of every 1-2 months.

more information is available on the K Laser site which gives detailed information on the use of the laser in treating pets.

Initial treatment would be done by referral from one of the vets and most follow up treatments will then be carried out by one of our qualified nurses.