Laboratory Area


In our laboratory area we have an extensive range of diagnostic equipment.

We offer in-house blood testing to:
  • establish pets are healthy prior to anaesthetics
  • help diagnose problems such as kidney disease, thyroid problems
  • monitor the health of older pets
  • Provide a base line for the monitoring of your pets health throughout their lifetime

Microscopy is done to look at skin, urine and analysis of aspirates from any growths a pet may have to see if they are serious and require surgery.

Most tests can be done and the results analysed while you wait at the surgery. We can also work with external laboratories to offer allergy testing, histopathology, dermatology testing and the blood testing required for Pet Passport applications. Idexx Laboratories at Wetherby collect samples from the surgery during the night so we get the majority of results the following morning where we have to send samples outside without having to worry about samples being lost in the post.

The following web site gives details of the Lasercyte and the Catalyst analysers that we use in house as well as the laboratory at Wetherby that we use for most of our external work.