Weight Clinic


Our qualified veterinary nurses can offer a free weight assessment for your pet.

  • Fact: nearly half of all dogs and cats are overweight feeding bowl
  • Fact: overfeeding is the main cause of overweight pets
  • Fact: your pets do not feed themselves
  • Fact: overweight pets can be more at risk of arthritis, heart disease, breathing problems, diabetes or skin problems
  • Fact: there can sometimes be an underlying medical reason for your pet to be overweight
They can assess your pet, suggest an ideal weight target and put together a plan to help your pet lose weight. This could involve diet and exercise.

Your pet's weight loss will then be monitored on a regular basis to check on progress made.
Our nurses are happy to give advice or answer any questions you may have about your pet's weight, diet or exercise.

Please make an appointment with either of our surgeries for a free weight assessment for your pet. Working together with the nurses will make losing weight a much easier target to achieve.