Cat Nutrition


The Hills range of food for your cat includes "Veterinary Essentials " and "Natures Best".

  • from weaning to 12 months old
  • ideal for pregnant and nursing cats
  • provides a balance of nutrients for a healthy start in life
  • helps boost the kittens immune system
  • from 1 to 6 years old
  • helps promote a healthy immune system and a healthy coat
  • supports urinary tract health
  • protects the joints
  • Helps keep teeth clean with patented fibre action in Veterinary Essentials range
  • from 7 years old onwards
  • lower in fat and calories to help maintain ideal body weight
  • helps promote healthy immune system
  • easily digestible for older cats
  • Protects the joints
  • helps keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • for cats of 1 year old onwards
  • lower calorie nutrition to help with weight control
  • L-carnitine to help control weight gain from excess fat
special care foods
  • for cats of 1 year old onwards
  • available for cats prone to hairballs
  • available for cats with sensitive skin
  • available for cats with sensitive stomach
  • available for cats to help reduce  and control plaque and tartar
Hills prescription foods are also prescribed by our vets to help with the treatment and control of many diseases and conditions