Cat Neutering


Castrating a male cat

Male cats can be castrated from 6 months of age. Castration involves the removal of the testes from the scrotum.

Benefits of castrating your cat include:
  • no unwanted litters
  • should stop them spraying
  • less likely to wander off, so less likely to be involved in road traffic accidents

should fight less, reducing the number of cat bite abscesses which in turn can reduce the spread of disease

Speying a female cat

Female cats can be neutered from the age of 6 months. If they have a litter of kittens they can be speyed one week after the kittens are weaned.

Speying involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus.

Benefits of having your cat speyed include:
  • no unwanted litters
  • reduces the risk of breast cancer
  • no longer comes into season so calling will cease
  • prevents the need for emergency hysterectomy in later life
Should you have any further questions about neutering your cat or you would like to book your pet in to be neutered please contact either of our surgeries.