Dog Neutering


Castrating a male dog

We recommend dogs to be castrated from 1 year of age onwards, unless a particular medical problem means your vet may agree to do it sooner. Allowing your dog to mature prior to castration we believe is beneficial to him in the longer term.

Castration involves the removal of the testes from the scrotum.

Benefits of castrating your dog include:
  • no unwanted litters
  • less likely to wander therefore less likely to be involved in road traffic accidents
  • less likely to fight
  • may reduce dominance aggression if neutered when dominance first becomes an issue.
  • prevents testicular tumours and reduces prostate problems
  • reduces risks associated with perianal adenoma formation.
  • reduces incidence of perineal heriation.  

Speying a female dog

Bitches can be speyed 9 weeks after their first season, which can be anywhere around the age of 9-14 months. We would not spey prior to having a first season unless there are serious reasons as we strongly believe in the beneficial effects of having the first season in maturity of your pet as well as decreasing the risks associated with incontinence later. 

Speying involves the removal of the ovaries and the uterus.

Benefits of speying your bitch include:
  • no unwanted litters
  • reduces the risk of breast cancer
  • bitch will no longer come into season so no inconvenience caused by the mess
  • eliminates having to have an emergency hysterectomy in the future
  • will eliminate phantom pregnancies
  • reduces the chances of urinary infections
Should you have any further questions about neutering your dog or you would like to book your pet in to be neutered please contact either of our surgeries.