Rabbit Vaccinations


Not all rabbit owners are aware of the two diseases that we recommend vaccination against. The onset of these diseases can be quick and the outcome is often fatal.

Myxomatosis - this virus is spread by blood sucking insects such as fleas or  mosquitoes. Symptoms can include large swellings of the face, ears and anus and make it difficult for the rabbit to see, eat or drink. Death is slow and takes about 12 days with very few rabbits surviving.

Rabbits can be vaccinated against myxomatosis from 10 weeks of age with a single injection. because this vaccine will not give a full 12 months immunity we recommend that a booster vaccination is given every 6 months. 
Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) - symptoms can include loss of appetite and bleeding from the nose. The onset of this disease is rapid and nearly 50% of rabbits with this disease will die.

Rabbits can be vaccinated against VHD from 8 weeks of age with a single injection. Annual booster injections are advised as immunity lessens over time.

For more information or to make an appointment to have your rabbit vaccinated, please contact either of our surgeries.