Dog Vaccinations


Dogs should be vaccinated against the following diseases:

  1. Parvovirus - symptoms can include depression, severe vomiting, smelly diarrhoea - this can result in dehydration and lead to death. Vaccination is extremely effective at preventing this disease and needs to be given every 2-3 years after the completion of the puppy course and first annual vaccination. Intervals beyond 3 years leave your dog prone to infection and should be avoided. 
  2. Distemper - symptoms can include runny nose and eyes, coughing, vomiting,tiredness, lack of appetite and diarrhoea - after several weeks there may be hardening of the pads, twitching or fits - treatment is usually unsuccessful. vaccination is recommended as being a puppy course, initial annual vaccination and then every 2 - 3 years. Interval of vaccination should not exceed 3 years.
  3. Canine Hepatitis - symptoms can include general discomfort, lack of appetite, high temperature, pale gums, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain. this vaccine provides at least 3 years immunity when given at the first annual vaccination and is not given every year.
  4. Leptospirosis - symptoms can include high temperature, severe thirst, lethargy,     increased urination, abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and jaundice -     death can occur within a few hours. vaccination must be done annually as protection is unlikely to last much beyond 15 months. You will need to have 2 doses given if you are more that 18 months since your last vaccination.
  5. Parainfluenza - symptoms can include nasal discharge, coughing. The symtoms with parainfuenza are usually mild  unless combined with Bordatella but can be seevre in the elderly or very young. This vaccination should be given every year.
  6. Kennel Cough or Infectious Bronchitis - is a disease caused by a combination of Parainfluenza and Bordatella leading to a very severe tracheobronchitis that can be life threatening and causes your dog to have a severe cough for usually 3-4 weeks. This is protected against by a separate vaccination as nasal drops. This vaccination provides 12 months protection in reducing the clinical effects of Infectious bronchitis (Kennel Cough) and can be given at the same time as the normal vaccinations. When having at the same time as your annual vaccinations we charge a reduced rate as it is all done witht he one physical examination.  We advise having kennel cough vaccinations done every year. 

Kennels will not accept your pet for boarding without an up to date and valid vaccination card. Most kennels will insist on kennel cough vaccination to be included.

Puppies can be vaccinated from 8 weeks of age with a second injection given 2 weeks later. Protection will wane over time so regular annual booster vaccinations are essential. There is no upper age limit to vaccination so dogs of any age can still be booked in for their booster injections.

For more information or to make an appointment to have your dog vaccinated, please contact either of our surgeries.