Dental Hygiene


The best way of preventing further dental problems is with regular daily brushing, just as we do ourselves.

Most pets will easily adapt to the routine of having their teeth brushed if started from an early age.

We offer a range of flavoured toothpastes for both dogs and cats, as well as a range of brushes for the smallest to the largest mouths.

If brushing is not for your pet, there are diets available which will clean the teeth as your pet eats. These diets are suitable for long term feeding and are a complete balanced food.

Chews are also available to help prevent plaque build up.

Remember to take care of your pets teeth as you do your own, and ask for advice about home dental care or a free dental check.

Veterinary Essentials is a new range of food from Hills Pet Nutrition that is clinically proven to reduce the tarter development and improve your pets dental health. Ask for details or follow the link to

LEBA 3 is a new spray that is used on a daily basis to eliminate plaque that is one the teeth. We now stock this product at a competitive price at both branches. Ask for details or follow the link to