Flea Control


Fleas can be a major problem to both you and your pet.

Common signs that your pet may have a flea problem include:
  • scratching
  • chewing
  • restlesness
  • sore, red and irritated skin

Fleas can also cause allergic skin reactions, anaemia in puppies/kittens and also increase the likelihood of tapeworms.

Plus the other obvious problem - they can affect humans too!

Fleas thrive in warm and humid conditions. So whilst central heating and double glazing are beneficial to humans, they also make fleas a year round problem.


We have a wide range of products which can be used to treat, control or prevent flea problems both in cats, dogs and rabbits.

Most of the flea products available from our practice are prescription only medicines. Therefore your pet needs to see a vet before any of these products are sold to you. There is no extra charge for this type of consultation.

For more information about fleas and flea control products why not visit http://www.advocate-spot-on.com/