When it comes to feeding your pet, we're sure you would only want the best. Correct nutrition plays an important part in the general health and well being of your pet.

Your pet needs a food that is:
  • made from high quality ingredients
  • provides a balanced amount of vitamins and minerals
  • helps keep your pet at it's ideal weight
  • is specifically suited to the age, breed and size of your pet.
  • Will help protect against the wear and tear effects of getting older.
  • Keep their teeth in as good a condition as possible.
  • Provide for a glossy and healthy coat.

Our practice offers a wide range of food from Hills Pet Nutrition. Their foods are specially formulated to give a balanced nutrition to all dogs and cats, whatever their age, breed or size. The food is available as dry or canned food. we believe that this provides your pet with a higher level of nutrition that you would get from most foods on the market.

By being a member of our VIP plan you can save up to 15% off the purchase price of your food.

For information about nutrition for your pet follow the links below: