Buying A Puppy


Buying a puppy is a huge decision and can actually be quite daunting.  To help you with this process we have a few points to follow to ensure the whole experience is a little less stressful and you are partnered with your perfect puppy

  • Is the breed of puppy going to suit your lifestyle? eg exercise levels and
  • Has the breeder explained all about the breed to you?
  • Can you meet the mother?
  • Can you see the environment the puppy was reared in? This includes
seeing the rest of the litter if at all possible.
  • Has the breeder given you a diet sheet?
  • Has the puppy been wormed?
  • Has the puppy been insured?
  • Does the puppy look healthy-bouncy, clear eyes, shiny coat?
  • Does the puppy look unhealthy-pot bellied, sticky eyes, scurfy, dull coat?
  • How old is the puppy when you collect? There are important stages of
learning in a puppies life-a reputable breeder will let a puppy go to a
new home around 8 weeks and not before. Socialising with the mother
and litter mates helps a puppy have a rounded personality.
  • If the puppy is pedigree have the parents been health tested?-see the
Kennel Club for any recommended health tests for the breed. Ask to see
evidence of the parents test results.
  • Has the puppy been docked?-if so then ask for the docking papers-it is
illegal for lay people to dock puppies and you should always get the legal
certificate signed by the vet who did it
  • Please don’t buy a puppy because you feel sorry for it. We see many
poorly reared puppies which result in heartache and vet bills. Beware if
the price is lower than you expected or there are several breeds
  • If you are not sure then please ring the practice for advice before you
buy. Being prepared to spend time finding the right puppy should mean
years of companionship in your family. Buying a Puppy Leaflet
Leaflet with advice on points to consider when buying a puppy